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  • Build a bond with your dog through trust and mutual respect.... Because training should be fun!


Our dedicated dog training facility is centrally located between Farmington and Aztec New Mexico. We have flexible hours; with available times on weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Trying to decide on what type of training? Is your dog shy or reactive with new people or other dogs?

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If classes don't fit your schedule, or you are looking for training customized to you and your dog

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These classes focus on working those noses. Whether you're interested in competing or just for fun!

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Basics to Advanced; everyday skills for pet dogs

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The Team

In many cases, Rose and Trinity help out with dogs getting comfortable in a training situation. They are also a great distraction for dogs that are learning to focus. The three of us make a fantastic team for any dog training situation!

Rose | Shy Dog Ambasador

Rose is an American Brittany. Her likes are pouncing on crickets, smothering cats with kisses and breakfast. Her dislikesRead More...

Trinity, CGC, CGC-A, NW1 | Wild and Crazy Ambassador

Trinity is an American Brittany. He is currently working on his Level 2 title in NACSW K-9 NoseWorks. HisRead More...

Summer Bond | CPDT-KA

Summer is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and life-time dog lover. She is currently a member of Durango DogRead More...

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Centrally located between Farmington and Aztec, NM

41 Road 3333
Aztec, NM 87410

Phone : (505) 444-0577
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